buy league of legends smurf

buy league of legends smurf

the player can consider himself to be almost invulnerable, and just play for his own pleasure, completely not caring about the game statistics; This price category is optimal – it gives a fairly rich set of updates and at the same time does not require too much game currency. the game becomes more interesting;

buy league of legends account LoL: anything done in excess is unhealthy

Not everyone knows the history of the appearance of this name. The terms “smurf” and “smurfing” came to the world of computer games in the past millennium.Or, more precisely, they appeared in 1996 among Warcraft 2 fans. At the time two professional players, Shlonglor and Warp achieved such skill that no one could surpass them. To be able to play along with all the other “mere mortals”, they decided to create new accounts, and for this they chose the names “Papa Smurf” and “Smurfette” – no one knows why they liked such names. That is how smurfing appeared. the player can do power leveling of his main account and increase his rank. Sometimes a situation arises (and by the way, it happens quite often) when a league of legends account starts to progress so successfully that it changes roles with the main account, because it surpasses it in achievements.

Probably every player has an idea of ??what a game account in League of Legends or in any other game is. The name “smurf” is commonly used for a qualified player who creates a low-ranking account and plays with players whose level and skills are much lower. Why should you buy LoL account lvl 30?

each member of the team must be effective – you do not need ballast, you need to discard it. All true players take their account as a kind of life that they live in a parallel game universe. Therefore, any failures in the game space are taken very seriously. Players want everything in their accounts to be perfect. Sometimes this desire is so strong that it prevents the player from experimenting, trying new tactics and new items.

The world of the video game League of Legends is no different from the world of top-class sport: Suppose you really like some champion, but you can not master its power in any way. Then you just buy league smurf and spend with the champion as many classes as necessary in order to absolutely make friends with him. And as soon as you know the champion thoroughly, you can successfully play on the main account and improve its performance.

And if you suffered an annoying failure on the main account, and it was spoiled, you can buy another one of the same level, and make it your main one. And the game is sill on!

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